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Welcome to the 30 Day Abs Challenge 2.0

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Bookmark This Page

Step 2: Click "Week 1" to get started.

The day you start is Week 1-Day 1, the next day is Week 1-Day 2, Then A Rest Day, Then Week 1-Day 4, Then Week 1-Day 5, Then Rest TWO Days. Then you start the Week 2 - Day 8 and so on 

Step 3: Get Your Nutrition Dialed In.  (If you need help with that scroll down below)

If you want that tight midsection then you need to get your nutrition dialed in

Download your 30 Day Ab Calendar Here !
(1 Page PDF Download)

Are you looking for a custom nutrition plan or maybe a little guidance? 
The ladies above are current ProjectMe clients.

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