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Holiday Shredz Update

Thanksgiving Dinner

Day 23 Debrief

Hey, did you know that the estimated amount of calories people consume on Thanksgiving Day​ is OVER 6000 

​That's *TRIPLE* what an adult male typically consumes on a daily basis.

That explains why average Americans can gain 8-13 pounds of ugly fat during the holidays.

Stay focused on the task at hand.  Enjoy yourself tomorrow but get right back on it Friday.  There is science behind this method that will show your scale less on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving

- Coach Russ


Day 9 Debrief

Winter is when the magic happens…
We talk about building lean, ripped “summer bodies” all the time…

It is no secret that the best “summer bodies” are built in the winter…
I do want to ask you..Do want to look and feel good in the winter?

My answer is 100% yes because...
I get things are busier this time of year…
The kids have basketball and school plays…
You go to holiday parties where the beer and carbs flow like milk and honey…
Your fridge is packed with leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing, pasta, apple pie… (all the stuff you “shouldn’t” eat)...
Not to mention if you like to train outside or in the garage…
It gets damn cold!
All of that makes it hard to stay motivated and keep moving in the right direction with your fitness goals…
So let’s keep it simple…
The #1 thing to focus on this winter is this:

Simple habits!

You do that and you can’t lose…

If you are struggling with the meal plan let me know by sending me a personal message.  

I do have another meal plan that is as simple as 1-2-3!

My number is 833-942-4500


Here we are, 3 days in of the Holiday Shredz Challlenge.  By now, you should start to be getting into a rhythm and starting to develop good habits.  Regularly practice of habits or routines is acomponent of the system of compound growth.

Overnight success is not a thing. It is a results of all the habits of the last month, year, decade. Remember, changes that seem small and not important at first will compound into remarkable results if you are willing to stick with them for 8 weeks, 8 months, 8 years :)

Success is a product of your daily habits

FYI..the next round of workouts are available now on the download page or by clicking below.

Have a great weekend. ~ Coach Russ

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Day 1 Debrief

First off: Welcome To The Holiday Shredz Challenge

I can't tell ya how excited I am you are part of the challenge.  I really want this challenge to be the one thing that will help keep you "centered" during the holiday season. So let's begin:

Workouts: Hopefully you have been able to download the workouts from the download page.  Accessing the workouts are easy: when you download the page, click the workout name to see the workout video.  As always, go at your own pace and scale up or down as needed. See the video on this page I made from my phone to show you how easy it is to download and access the workouts.

Nutrition: This is a carb cycling challenge with a series of low, medium and high carb days.  Your protein and fats will remain the same everyday but the carbs will fluctuate.  I will tell you now, when we get to Thanksgiving day it will be a high day (day after will be a low day) so we can maximize the fat burn.  You have freedom to eat what you want just stay in your macro nutrient zone. However, if you are eating foods out of the food list your results will be much slower.  There are a lot of resources to get your macronutrients but if you want me to calculate it and coach you thru the challenge let me know by clicking here.

45 Min Walk:  This is not a requirement but highly encourage in addition to normal workouts posted.  If you walk all the time at your job you don't have to do this step

Check In With Coach: If you are asking me to coach you directly you will follow that step.  If not, use it as a minimum of 70oz of water daily

Shredz Shot:  I have gotten the most questions about this.  It is a combination of green tea concentrate, a good probiotic and apple cider vinegar (or lemon).  I do sell the tea and probiotic if you are interested and I highly recommend it to boost the metabolism. Complete a Custom Nutrition Application if interested 

Final Thoughts:  Remember a successful nutrition plan is one that you will follow consistently. Which also
includes eating foods that you enjoy without having guilt.

  • Simple is Sexy!

  • Consistency is King!

  • Self Discipline is the best skill to develop!


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