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Holiday Greetings

Welcome To Month Two Of The Holiday Shredz Challenge

The Holidays Can Be Stressful Enough So We Are Making This As Easy As Possible

Step 1: Bookmark This Page Because Each Week A New Workout Calendar Will Be Uploaded

Step 2: Click "Week 1" To Download The Workout Calendar And  Nutrition Guide.  

Step 3: Take Pictures, Weigh Yourself, Get Your Mind Right.  Now you can follow our nutrition guide, do your own nutrition or request a custom nutrition plan.  It is all your choice but we want you sweating and smiling when you look at your self in the mirror. 

(If you want that tight midsection then you need to get your nutrition dialed in)

Trinkets on Tree

Month 2: Day 1-9

Available Now

Christmas Spirits

Month 2 Day 10-18

Available now

Christmas Decorations

Month 2 Day 19-25

Available now

Festive Mood

Month 2 Day 26-30

Available now

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Still struggling with your nutrition?  Then its time for a change!

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