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A Perfect Day 


1-2-3 Nutrition

Our focus is on simplicity.  A program that can be used while on the road, when life gets busy, and one that can last a lifetime.  The model is interchangeable and easily executable.  

1 Lean and Fit Shake, 2 Lean and Fit Meals, 3 Snacks



Macro Guide:

25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Sample Meal:

We suggest using a low calorie, nutrient rich base meal replacement base powder plus additional  protein to Waffles, Pancakes, Muffins, Cupcakes and Crepes.  

We have numerous delicious recipes that are quick and simple to make 

Shredz Tea

Upon Waking-

20 oz of Water with Green Tea, Probiotic, Apple Cider Vinegar, or 1/2 squeezed lemon

Tea can reset your internal thermometer to increase metabolism and weight loss, in some cases by up to 10 percent, without exercising or dieting.

Boss Mug


Macro Guide:

25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Sample Meal

Enjoy one of our many nutrient dense, low calorie shakes like chocolate chip cookie, lemon box, caramel drizzle frappuccino or butterfinger.

(if you are not doing shakes, follow macro guidelines above)

protein snack.webp


Macro Guide:

10-15g protein

100-200 calories

Sample Meal:

You should have 1-2 snacks per day.  You will notice if you follow those ratios of calories to protein - you will not be able to have a large carb serving  


Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, jerky, deli meet, tuna, veggies or protein bars.


Macro Guide:

40 - 50g protein

400 - 600 calories

Sample Meal

Your main meal each day does NOT have to be at night - you can mix and match these any way that makes sense for you.  (breakfast lunch or dinner)

For one meal focus on including:

  • Protein

  • Raw Veggie

  • Cooked Veggie

  • 1 Serving Carb

Outside Dinner

Additional tools for success


If you want to get ahead, there are some key products that we use to help you!  Here are the key things to get:

  • Thermobond aka "Fat Blocker" - Binds to the saturated fat so it passes through your system.  Eat 10 minutes before fatty foods 

  • Snack Defense aka "Carb Blocker" - Helps balance your insulin to avoid storing as much from your carb intake (alcohol or breads/carbs).  Eat 10 minutes before having carbs

  • Prolessa aka "Fat Burner" - Targets tummy, hips and butt.  Take once a day during the month of December to stay ahead of the game!  

  • Herbal Tea aka "Cardio in a Cup" - This special green/black/oolong tea is made so that you actually consume the tea leaf (which is where all of the primary metabolic and calorie burn affects are! Not like your tea bag from the grocery store) Drink daily multiple times as it is estimated that each delicious cup burns an average of 80 calories.

  • Aloe aka "Tummy Smoother" - This one is to avoid the indigestion that the holidays bring.  Not only is it delicious but it will feel delicious in your tummy.  


Try these additions to make your holiday libations more delicious with less calories!  


  • Aloe - Cranberry, Mango or Mandarin.... all are delicious mixers!  Try the cranberry (instead of cranberry juice) for a festive vodka drink or the mango with fresca and tequila for a margarita!  From 400 calories down to 100 calories - can't beat that!

  • Beverage Mix - Wild Berry or Peach - These are both incredible mixers with low calories AND they have protein to keep your body satiated (away from the chip bowl!!)  

  • Herbal Tea - Why not boost your metabolism while your consuming some extra calories!  Good mixer or great on the side!

HEALTHY HINTS - Avoid sugary mixers and thick high calorie beers.  LOOK at the calories just so that you are aware!!  Mixed drinks can have a ton of calories and you might not even realize it!  Try to stick with low calorie or lighter beers, light wines and unsweetened liquors (avoid liqueurs with syrups and schnaaps)... and of course - moderation!

Drinking Martinis
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