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  A nutrition and exercise program that’s easy to follow and has proven results with thousands of women.


How It All Started?

Megan was the original Project Me, first termed Project Megan. Caley (the core trainer for ProjectMe) put Megan through an 8-week focused process to help change her physique. The results were nothing short of amazing. After that, Caley was swamped with calls asking how they could do what “Megan did”. Megan has since become a ProjectMe coach and continues her own fitness journey. Even 2+ years later she still keeps the weight off and has continued to take her fitness to a whole new level.



Reclaim Your Freedom With ProjectMe

🔥Freedom To Have Confidence

💃🏻Freedom To Have Swagger

💪Freedom To Reclaim Your Wardrobe

🙋‍♀️Freedom To Push Your Limits

👙Freedom To Choose Your Outfits

💗Freedom To Be You


To Learn More About Reclaiming Your Freedom Schedule Click The Button And A Coach Will Reach Out To You

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